Thierry Jarrige

Thierry Jarrige

Researcher in creative resilience, Facilitator of cooperation, Craftsman of autonomy

At 56, I was a photographer, artist, farmer, craftsman, entrepreneur, trainer and still an activist.
I believe in the richness of creativity, I wish for collective adventures, I am attentive to the balance between Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.

I offer my agile steering and project management support services to people, groups, associations, theater companies, companies, movements, organizations, who wish to accentuate their projects in the fields of:

  • architecture
  • design
  • eco-engineering

I accompany with an external, technical and benevolent gaze the ideas, the transitions, the processes. I work on subjects such as:

  • permaculture applications,
  • cooperation processes,
  • the economics of construction.

I offer my services in the form of:

  • conferences,
  • workshops,
  • training,
  • assistance to the work of mastery,
  • full programs.

I adopt proven methods, an artisanal stance and an attitude of benevolence to increase consistency, efficiency and cost control:

Panneau cloche


J'apporte ma caisse à outils

des méthodes éprouvées,

une posture artisanale,

une attitude de bienveillance.